Bayside Bath Refinishing

Our finish is the beginning of your...NEW BATHROOM

Redecorate without major renovations!

Bayside Bath Refinishing uses a proven resurfacing process that produces a permanently bonded coating that is extremely hard, glossy, and highly durable. This process is highly suited for transforming porcelain tubs, sinks, ceramic wall tile, fiberglass and acrylic showers to a "Like New" condition.

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So...You can't get your tub clean? or worse... it's pink or avacado green?

When the original finish (glaze) is worn, it leaves the pores open to absorb dirt and chemical stains. Unfortunately, the more one scrubs, the worse the situation becomes. A new finish or a new tub is the only answer. If it's a color change you are looking for, we can help. 

Bayside Bath Refinishing
28 Quarry Rd, Dayville, CT 06241
(401) 374-2758

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